Sunday, March 2, 2008

PeopleSoft's Integration - ConnectorRequest

One can actually skip the integration Engine to integrate with Web Services (SOAP 1.1/1.2). PS internally does use it for both Tools and Apps (SCM). A few examples - PS UDDI Config, IB Pagelet config.

1. One can avoid setting up Nodes/Routings. Routings being the major culprit in Integration Setups.
2. Also, one does not have to bother about Sync Logging..
3. Best of All, difficult for someone to identify

1. Difficult for a person to troubleshoot. But, thats exactly the reason "ConnectorRequest" has been made.

I have this code running for most of the Web Services available on XMethods and StrikeIron, and works like a Gem


kjps said...

Hi Ciphers

I have a requirement where I need to consume a web service from a third party application and using this web service send out data from PS.

1)All the fields that need to be sent are not in the same component.
2) The operation does not need to be a synch message. We are looking for an aysnch message.
3)We are looking for a solution where we could possibly stage data from the various tables into a staging table using an application engine and then invoke the webservice to send out data.

Can you please suggest if such an approach is possible and if yes draw a skeleton approach to achieve it.

Ciphersbak said...

Hi kjps.

Firstly, most simple type web-services are synchronous in nature.
If its async, my personal preference would be XML over HTTP as opposed to SOAP over HTTP.
Coming to your questions.
1. Request message structure is always governed by the provider and not by the consumer. Hence, its up to the developer to code the request message, Since the data resides in multiple components, I would suggest anon-rowset based message.
2. Answered above, You need to check again about the type of implementation
3. I would assume that the data being sent can be retrieved and put into a non-rowset based message, without having to use an application engine. Depending upon the structure, one can make use of HTML objects for simple messages and XMLDoc for complex message structure. My personal preference XMLDoc class.

Since its a third-party you could avoid IB altogether provided its FSCM, because FSCM has the class files to integrate via JAVA and skip IB altogether


Abhishek said...

Hi.. we need to consume third-party webservice. . We could consume the service but getting integration gateway - external error...

Would you please suggest the steps ... do we need to setup gateway ...??

Ciphersbak said...

Please review IB Setup guide to make sure your local gateway is pinging!